November18 - Wings magazine
November18 - Print Week Cover
As Brexit looms ever larger, a cover for Print Week discussing the possible outcomes of the talks in Europe and what this means for print professionals buying products from Europe
October18 - Times Higher Education
An opinion article for the Times Higher Education magazine, discussing the increasing number of short-term contracts offered to academics and university support staff and the need for all to work together to improve them
November18 - BBC Wildlife Magazine
What a treat to illustrate little critters for this great article on bringing wildlife back to urban gardens, for BBC Wildlife magazine
September 18 - Wings Magazine
Great fun illustrating this medley of Halloweeny stuff to accompany an article on fun facts about Halloween
August 18 - Orlando Magazine Cover
I loved illustrating this cover for Orlando magazine's August issue. They wanted the whole cover illustrated, including the cover lines and headline, as though it was a treasure map of the "Best of Orlando"
August 18 - Brittany and LA Maps for travel magazines
July 18 - Nestle Koko Krunch Advertising Competition
This was a really fun challenge to illustrate four extremely detailed scenes from four specific locations - the Amazon Jungle, Antarctica, the Great Barrier Reef and the Serengeti. The client wanted lots happening and their character "Koko" hidden somewhere in each location for the customer to find
June18 - Waitrose Weekend Maps
June18 - Times Higher Education
I love being asked to illustrate for the THE opinion slots, they're always fascinating articles! This one was a university professor looking to the philosophers and also Mick Jagger's lyrics for teaching inspiration
May18 - Ink Publishing
This was a really fun commission to illustrate a crowd scene, incorporating the different nationalities and some of the landmarks of those countries mentioned in the copy as great places to watch this summer's World Cup
May18 - Manufacturing Management
A great opportunity to illustrate a feature that discussed the lack of women in manufacturing. This was for a cover where the headline was to fit inside the middle cog/female symbol and for the feature spread
April18 - Waitrose Weekend magazine
Another couple in my regular series of maps for Waitrose Weekend, highlighting foodie and tourist point of interest
March 18 - Brittany Ferries magazine
A lovely opportunity to illustrate this map of the sights on the route from Poole to Cherbourg for Brittany Ferries
March 18 - Ink Publishing, Sleeper Train Map
I was asked to do another map for one of Ink publishing's inflight magazine clients, for a feature on the Caledonian Sleeper Train that runs from London to stations in Scotland
March 18 - Map of Sharjah for business travel magazine
I've done a few of these DPS maps now for a business travel magazine that discusses the great shopping areas to visit in different exotic locations, when you're done with the business deal
February 2018 - Waitrose magazine
Another in my regular series of maps for Waitrose magazine, always fun to bring the locations to life and give each it's own little theme!
February 2018 - Times Higher Education
Another of my illustrations for the Times Higher Education opinion section, which deals with all matters related to higher education. This one for a piece on graduates and how their numbers effect the economy
January 2018 - Ink Publishing
Ink Publishing asked me to illustrate this map of a cycling tour route around the beautiful island of Mallorca, including the stops made each day and some of the highlights of the island
December 2017 - Timeout London
I was really pleased to be asked to illustrate this map of Roman sites in London for Timeout London's kid's section, showing some interesting locations where Roman artifacts and ruins can still be visited for a fun day out!
November 2017 - Spider Kid's magazine
A wonderful opportunity to illustrate for US kid's magazine, Spider, for this fun quiz and answer page
November 2017 - Waitrose magazine
Some more of my regular map illustrations for the weekend magazine
October 2017 - Times Higher magazine
Another couple of recent opinion illustrations for the higher education publication. These were for articles discussing focusing on your work priorities and how to write your thesis
September 2017 - Map of Scotland, outdoor magazine
A lovely opportunity to contribute to a new outdoor magazine featuring a numer of wonderful locations in Scotland.
July 2017 - Hand lettering for summer food recipes
August 2017 - Times Higher Education
I love illustrating for the Times Higher Education, the articles are always on an interesting topic within higher education. This was for a piece discussing for-profit universities in America and the worry that this leads to a poor quality of education for its 'clients'
This was for a piece on being prepared to enter university
For an article discussing the government's wavering over the issue of tuition fees
July 2017 - Bilbao Metro Map
June 2017 - Waitrose Weekend Maps
April 2017 - Bulletin Magazine
Great being asked to illustrate a feature in Bullletin magazine. This was for an article on the social and emotional benefits of learning lip reading
March 2017 - Waitrose Weekend Maps
A couple of recent maps for Waitrose Weekend magazine, to illustrate towns visited in their Foodie Guide series
March 2017 - Brittany Ferries Magazine
Brittany Ferries mag asked me to illustrate a map for this great feature, detailing a route through Spain and Portugal, highilghting some of the fab stops along the way!
March 2017 - Business magazine
Loved illustrating this DPS map of Tokyo for a quarterly business magazine. I went with a mix of vibrant neon and cherry blossom to capture the feel of this buzzing city
January 2017 - Net Magazine Cover
I was thrilled to be asked to illustrate the March cover of Net magazine, for a feature on top name brands and the secret behind their success. Net mag has a long history of using fab illustrations on their cover and I was pleased to be amongst that great list!
January 2017 - BBC Wildlife Magazine
A great opportunity to illustrate another feature for the wonderful BBC Wildlife Magazine, this one for a feature on making London a National Park City

September 2016 - Waitrose Weekend
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