Feature illustrations produced for Linux magazine over a number of years working for the mag
Feature and cover illustration about how the distro called UBUNTU can be tweaked and fixed to suit the user
This one for the cover - I've cut down the edges a little as it was a lot of blank colour where the AD put masthead, cover lines etc. The AD wanted to show the Rapsberry Pi board a little like the diagrams in a Haynes car manual for a piece on discovering the Raspberry Pi.
Another great commission from Linux Format magazine. This was all about how Linux might well become the platform of choice for games developers in the future (and possibly not the too distant future although I perhaps exaggerated how that future might look a little :-) )
Feature about the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) an organisation that fights for the rights of digital consumers
Feature discussing Arch Linux which allows the user to 'pimp-up' the system to their own requirements
Feature about unlocking the 'secure boot' on a windows set-up to make it useable for Linux software
Illustration showing the various stages involved in 'burning out' when you work too hard for too long
For a feature about speeding up your computer using Linux software and coding
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