HR MAGAZINE: A series of feature illustrations produced for the magazine
A cover for a special report within the magazine about recruiting talent to an organisation
Cover illustration for a special report on all aspects of health in the workplace
Half page illustrations to accompany the special report
This was a great article about measuring workplace perfomance and how ineffective it is at encouraging employees to work harder or do better
A fun cover I was asked to illustrate on the challenges of the new Flexible working laws for employers and small businesses
This was for a feature on coaching employees at work. I took a fun take on it, showing employees being taken through their paces by a little coach as though on an assault course
For a feature on flexible working hours and the benefits this has to family and work life balance
A series of three illustrations that ran along the bottom of the magazine page for a feature discussing the 'fights' that occur over who has responsibility over fleet car management.
This was for a feature on the various rewards and incentives given to employees to help them do a good job
This was from a feature about changes being made to company cars to make them safer and more efficient to run
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